The Idea for Surakshaka Hospitals was conceived in 1998 and we had a small diabetes clinic by the same name in the same locality. At the time not many health professionals would dedicate themselves to diabetes care. We saw people with diabetes with great passion and wanted to do something special for them all under one roof. Diabetes care does not end in reducing sugar alone. Our effort is to make their lives sweeter and live a healthy life with quality and without the complications.
The existing building with outpatient and inpatient facility became a reality on November 14th, 2004 on the World Diabetes Day.
Our endeavor is to make the facility easily available, accessible and affordable to all.
Our Mission:  Reach out to all men ,women and children  around and touch their lives journeys. Defeat diabetes, defeat its complications and make this a better place to live. Treat all who walk in with compassion and efficiency and achieve best outcomes. Harm no-one treat everyone equal.
Our Vision: 
If an honest and dedicated effort is made towards defeating suffering we can achieve the result. Therefore we have the facility of 50 beds, a full fledged laboratory, a pharmacy and a wellness center to combat not only Diabetes, but also other chronic disease like Hypertension and cardiovascular like Atherosclerosis, Heart valve problems, and stroke.